Hayden Music

My Original Songs

Songs written by Larry Hayden ©LPH Music

ABOVE Love Song To Jesus. My then 17-year-old daughter Laury is singing it, backed by CJ Orndorff singing harmony and playing the bass. I wrote this song as a simple expression of how I feel about Jesus.

ABOVE Jesus Makes Your Soul Clean

(Above) The City Of Gold ©Larry Hayden
My thoughts about what heaven is like, taken from the Bible Book of Revelation

ABOVE Genuine Antique Person – a funny song about growing older, with cute examples of how time changes people.

ABOVE – UNLOCK IT. how those incarcerated in prison can in a matter of speaking “Unlock their prison door” via Jesus!

I Believe In The Son (Even When It Rains)
The Devil Stompin’ Song
My Father’s House (Jesus “Cleans House” of temple merchants
Unlock It! (A wonderful secret for any kind of prisoner)
73rd Psalm (Foolish Was I)