Answering pro-abortion arguments

“There’s Nothing Wrong With Abortion” See if you can find any valid reason to justify that statement in this short video examining this question.

I want it clear that I am definitely PRO-LIFE.
The debate over whether abortion should be a legal option continues to divide Americans long after the US Supreme Court’s 7-2 decision on Roe v. Wade declared the procedure a fundamental right on Jan. 22, 1973.

Proponents who identify as pro-choice, contend that choosing abortion is a woman’s right that should not be limited by governmental or religious authority, and which outweighs any right claimed for an embryo or fetus. They say that pregnant women will resort to unsafe illegal abortions if there is no legal option.

Opponents, like myself, identifying themselves as pro-life, contend that individual human life begins at fertilization, and therefore abortion is the immoral killing of an innocent human being. They say abortion inflicts suffering on the unborn child, and that it is unfair to allow abortion when couples who cannot biologically conceive are waiting to adopt.

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I believe emphatically that a true Bible-believing Christian, CANNOT be pro-abortion because individual human life begins at fertilization. If you are a Christian and you are pro-abortion, I pray that you search your heart and the Bible for a more clear and mature understanding of this grave issue.

For an in-depth discussion I refer you to the book Arguments against abortion by Kerby Anderson.

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Larry Hayden
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