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How can anyone still support President Donald J. Trump?

Could it because:

  1. He doesn’t think it is OK to kill babies in the womb.
  2. He knows the importance of the 2nd Amendment.
  3. He supports Law Enforcement
  4. He is a brilliant business man and he has made America wealthy and respected again..
  5. He supports the military.
  6. He raised the income for middle class Americans.
  7. He fights illegal immigration.
  8. He has lowered prescription costs
  9. He enacted legislation to allow the terminally sick to try to save themselves through their own choices.
  10. He saved countless lives thru swift action against China and the China virus pandemic.
  11. As an independent businessman he is not beholden to greedy politicians.
  12. He is a strong voice for Christian values.
  13. He loves America so much he gave up a life of luxury in order to fight for the people.
  14. He is a generous and respectful man to the common folks, even donating his salary to good causes.
  15. He is father to an amazing family of worthwhile and high-class citizens.
  16. He is the first successful fighter against the unethical financial and trade policies of China.
  17. He works harder and longer and with more energy than any President in history.
  18. His fight for world peace, he has nominated him for the Nobel Peace Prize, more than once!
  19. He is a constant fighter for good and a constant fighter against evil.
  20. You always know where he stands. Like it or not, he speaks from the heart.
  21. He protects Medicare for seniors.